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Effective Ways to Boost Your Child’s School Readiness

The age at which young children start school varies as some children are more prepared for this big leap than others. To get your child off to the best start possible, it helps to send your child to a reputable daycare facility in Ontario. More than that, there are ways parents can boost their children’s school readiness from a young age, such as:

  • Strengthen self-regulation skills.

    Self-regulation helps children learn, get along with others, behave well, and become independent. It begins to develop rapidly during the early childhood years and continues to develop into adulthood. In addition to sending your child to preschool in Ontario, strengthen your child’s self-regulation skills by keeping a routine, giving your child choices, and practicing mindfulness.

  • Provide opportunities for social interaction.

    Develop your child’s social skills to prepare them for group work in a classroom setting. Schedule play dates and participate in games like “Simon Says” that teach them to follow instructions. These games promote cooperation and teach toddlers how to interact with others while working towards a shared goal.

  • Reinforce concentration skills.

    It’s common for younger kids to struggle with processing information. You can reinforce your child’s concentration skills by giving your child a few instructions at a time when performing certain tasks or activities. If your child is struggling with completing instructions, ask them to repeat what they are expected to do.

We at Giant Leap Childcare promote school readiness through our nursery school program. As experts in childcare in Brampton, Ontario, we help increase children’s language, motor, and social skills to ease the transition to higher levels of education. Reach out to us to learn more.

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